ST Paper Isle of Wight

ST Tissue - Isle of Wight, VA

ST Tissue is located at 34050 Union Camp Drive in Franklin, VA. The mill was formerly a fine paper mill and had its origins in the early 1900’s started by the Camp family. The facility was shut down in 2010 and the effect on the nearby communities was devastating. Finally, in 2012, ST Tissue purchased the facility with the vision of resurrecting it and transforming it into a tissue mill – a feat of innovation that had never been accomplished for a machine of its size before.

Undaunted by the challenge of demolishing, engineering, and rebuilding of the Isle of Wight  mill, ST Tissue completed the revival and start up the new tissue machine in 2013. The mill’s rebirth was welcomed by the tissue industry with open arms, and the company now operates the largest width tissue machine in North America, along with its own recycled fiber facility, and employs close to 90 people.

The mill has the flexibility to produce a wide range of towel and tissue products, including finished goods, for the commercial tissue industry.