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Position Details: Shipping, Production Planning & Logistics Lead


Shipping, Production Planning & Logistics Lead

Reports to: Mill Manager

Location: ST Paper 1, LLC, Duluth MN

SUMMARY: A key leadership role for the Duluth Mill, this position will lead the shipping process for the mill. In addition, it will develop production schedules for all tissue and recycled pulp production at the mill to maximize the financial benefit to the Company. This position will also provide customer interfaces for product quality and performance, manage finished goods inventory and lead the transportation process for outbound shipments.

Essential Job Duties and Responsibilities include the following:

  1. Act as a member of the Duluth Mill’s Lead Team, responsible for leading the mill’s safety, production and quality processes while developing the engaged, team culture for the site.
  2. Lead the material handling functions of the mill; coordinating with other process leaders to manage equipment, processes, and effective utilization of the mill’s production team members.
  3. Communicate expectations, provide feedback and hold team members accountable to meet or exceed safety, training and performance standards.
  4. Partner with maintenance and operations to identify issues and optimize equipment, minimizing downtime.
  5. Partner with operation’s leads and HR to effectively recruit and hire the best talent for the mill.
  6. Forecast customer’s orders and work with company sales and manufacturing leaders to create production schedules for the Duluth tissue and recycled operations.
  7. Weigh the tradeoffs of competing objectives in the scheduling process including variable manufacturing costs, transition costs, logistics costs, raw materials economics, product availability and on-time delivery to minimize negative impact to customers and maximize financial benefit to the company.
  8. Work with Lead Team to plan downtime; minimizing its impact on customer orders.
  9. Receive and process customer orders and track and report shipments.
  10. Handle day-to-day customer issues and phone coverage for customer calls; balancing customer and product performance expectations.
  11. Identify and communicate product field performance/quality issues with company management and manufacturing leaders, implementing corrective actions and communicating with customers as well as managing any product returns.
  12. Provide management of the recycled pulp, finished goods warehouse and shipping operations; working closely with recycle and tissue logistics coordinators and manufacturing leaders.
  13. Manage the pulp and tissue inventory processes at the Duluth Mill.
  14. Evaluate carriers and book transportation for all outbound shipments of finished goods.
  15. Resolve issues of finished goods transportation damage with customers, carriers and mill material handling teams.
  16. Review transportation charges; ensuring charges are accurate and correcting any errors.
  17. Track shipments to ensure on-time arrivals, communicating with customers on deliveries and troubleshooting any issues.
  18. Resolve all issues regarding damaged trailers.
  19. Order shipping supplies for outbound shipments.
  20. Work with logistics coordinators on loading processes to minimize damage and cost.
  21. Act as the mill’s system expert for Tracker, troubleshooting any issues and leading the training efforts with mill team members.
  22. Work with logistics coordinators to develop effective training for mill material handlers and participate in training delivery as necessary.
  23. Fully participate and provide leadership for mill’s safety processes to include taking actions to identify and correct safety hazards and/or at-risk employee behaviors.
  24. Act as a member of the Duluth Mill Safety Council to lead the mill’s safety and compliance efforts.


  1. Establish and maintain effective communications and good working relationships with customers, mill team members and suppliers.
  2. Serve as backup to logistics coordinators as needed.
  3. Carry out other responsibilities related to the position as required.

Qualification Requirements:

Education, Skills and /or Experience:

Bachelor’s Degree in a related field and 2 + years of experience in transportation, customer service, scheduling or distribution


5+ years of experience in transportation, customer service, scheduling or distribution.


  • Excellent communication/interpersonal skills
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Effective skills in MS Office suite as well as the ability to effectively learn new programs
  • Self-starter with the ability to work independently as well as in a team environment
  • Excellent customer service understanding and skills
  • Ability to work constructively with customers, carriers and internal team members when problems arise
  • Flexibility and willingness to work outside scope of position
  • Ability to make strong, logical and quality decisions efficiently and in a timely manner
  • Work beyond the normal work schedule, as necessary, to fulfill position requirements
  • Possess ambulatory capabilities similar to those in a normal office setting.


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